Philadelphia Bravest Respond to 2 Alarm Church Fire

Philadelphia Firefighters closed out the year with a fast moving 2 Alarm church fire on December 31, 2002.

At 1:35 PM Box 2341 2nd Street & Dickinson was struck, Pipeline 3, Eng 53, Eng 10, Pipeline 49, Lad 27,Ladder 11, Battalion Chief 4,Battalion Chief 3, Deputy Chief 1, Rescue Company 1, Medic 27 responded.

First arriving units found heavy smoke and fire coming from a large Buddist Temple Church at 240 Greenwich Streets in South Philadelphia.

Battalion Chief 4 requested a second alarm at 1:40 pm. Pipeline 28, Pipeline 5, Engine 12, Engine 24, Surrt 8, Battalion Chief 1, Battalion Chief 8, Philadelphia Second Alarmers SA-1 and SA-10 Rapid Response Vehicle responded on the second alarm.

A special manpower call was made for 4 ladder companies sending: Ladders 15, 23, 3, Snorkel 28, Engine 13, Air Unit -1.

The fire was placed under control at 2:40 pm. Five people were evacuated, 1 person was treated for smoke inhalation.

Firefighters did a great job in stopping the spread of the blaze from getting into a near by building housing Golden Sunrise Mummers' Club. The club had been preparing its elaborate costumes for the Mummers' parade and for the Fancy Brigade Parade on New Years Day. Officials blame a portable heater for the blaze.