Virginia FFs Battle Working Kitchen Fire

CHESTERFIELD,Va. - Fire was blowing out of the back windows of a single family dwelling in the 5900 block of Slumber Lane on April 3 around 6 p.m.

Thick, choking smoke blanketed the local neighborhood and billowed through the parking lot of a shopping center just across the street.

Dispatched were Engines 3, 17, 2, Truck 3, Medic 3, TSO, Battalions 1 and 3 and county police. Ambulance 11 was added to the call.

Five-inch quick connect was laid down Meadowdale Blvd. and Slumber Lane. Multiple hand lines were stretched. Ground ladders were placed at the structure's A and C sides. The RIT stood by. An aggressive interior attack was initiated and a quick knockdown accomplished.

The fire had originated in the kitchen and had extended into the family room.

Officials said the fire was caused by unattended cooking.