Pa. FFs Battle Apartment Building Fire

Butler Bureau of Fire was alerted to an apartment fire at 4:02 a.m. on April 6, 2010.

Butler Bureau of Fire Chief 1 arrived to find a working fire in a 12-unit apartment building. As crews were making entry to the building, the fire was advancing to the roof. At this time command called for assistance from Station 4 Lyndora VFC, Station 7 South Butler VFC and Station 38 VA Medical Center of Butler for RIT.

While crews were inside on the 2nd floor attacking the fire, it made its way to the 3rd floor and out through the roof. At this time Command 1 gave the order for all firefighters to get out of the building. Engine 1 and Ladder 1 sounded the air horns and all firefighters exited the building and PAR was taken. All firefighters were accounted for at this time the fire was fought with master streams and ladder pipes.

Lyondora Truck 4 was on the Alpha/Delta side of the structure and Butler Truck 1 was on the Charlie side of the structure. After approximately 40 minutes of exterior operations, the fire was darkened down. At this time CAFS was applied to the structure to sunff out the remaining hot spots. All units were then released from the scene by Command 1.

The State Police Fire Marshal was called to investigate the fire and the American Red Cross was called to assit the occupants of the structure.