Washington Township, Pennsylvania Firefighters Battle Gas Well Fire

On Monday, December 23rd, around 12 am, a call came in for a wall fire on arrival we found a gas well on fire with one burn patient.

The workers were in the process of removing the drilling fixtures when the gas vapors came in contact with a portable light they were using and ignited There were 3 diesel fuel tanks next to the drilling rig.

Upon arrival we were informed of the tanks and started cooling the tanks with foam.

After a water supply was established were started working at putting the fire out so the well drilling company could cap it.

The extinguishment of the fire was hampered by the remote area in which the fire was in.

We laid 1500 ft. of 5" off of the one lane road which accessed the the well road.

We had put the fire out once when the drilling company went to turn the fixture it sparked igniting and catching one of the workers in the flames.

He was quickly put out with the safety lines.

This was the first call for our new quint and as you can see it was in mud up to the front tires.

This back country road where the well road was off of was used as a test road to see if the new truck could get around our area.

Photos by Frank Filo. Submitted by Asst. Chief Ken Bailey