Georgia Firefighters Fight LaGrange Structure Fire

LaGrange, Georgia -- Members of LaGrange Fire Department Second Battalion responded to a reported structure fire on January 19, 2005 to find a local restaurant with flames showing through the roof of the building.

The Taste Of Lemon Restaurant, a series of five historical structures from the late 1800's were moved to the site and were joined together by enclosed corridors.

The fire started in the main dining structure and moved outward toward the connecting corridors. Firefighters were able to cut the fire off at those connecting points. Members of Engine 1 made an interior attack until the roof structure became unstable.

At that point an elevated master stream from Tower-31 knocked down most of the fire allowing crews to re-enter and bring the fire under control.

Temperatures at the 2:11am fire were in the low 20's. Cause of the fire was determined to be a broken natural gas line going to the heating unit.

LaGrange, Georgia is located in west central Georgia 70 south of Atlanta. The LaGrange Fire Dept. is a totally paid department employing 60 firefighters.