Mass. FFs Rescue Stranded Motorists


Six inches of rain from a early spring storm helped Leominster firefighters refine their water emergency skills as they rescued close to a dozen stranded motorists over two days. One incident involved a armored car, which needed to be towed from the water with the security guards inside.


An unusual incident took place when crews found half of an armored truck submerged in the water. The workers were unable to leave the truck because of the cash on board.


A heavy duty wrecker was called to the scene and firefighters tethered the armored truck to the towline. The vehicle was removed from the water and the occupants were uninjured.


Firefighters were called to an area behind The Mall at Whitney Field on March 14 and 15 as a number of drivers disregarded a closed roadway and became stranded in several feet of water. The area was closed due to excessive run off from storm pipes.


At least six times, firefighters donned wetsuits to make their way to the stranded motorists. They carried or assisted them back to high ground.