North Carolina Rescuers Extricate One in MVA

On January 12, 2005, Greensboro Fire Department E-1, Q-7, and R-5 were dispatched on a 10-50PI pin-in. C-8 (Safety Officer) and C-2 Batt. 2 Chief were added to the call.

E-1, on arrival, found a car on its side pinned between a city bus and utility pole with one female driver pinned in. Utilities were checked with a hot stick, and an exposure line put in place.

Q-7, on arrival, started vehicle stabilization and extrication measures. R-5 arrived and assisted in the extrication. Total time of extrication was approximately 15 minutes.

A 65-year-old female was transported to the trauma center with life threatening injuries.

Greensboro Fire Department has Hurst Road Runner tools on all Quints and Rescue 5 carries heavy extrication tools, rams, air bags, etc.