Maryland Firefighters Respond to Vehicle Accident Into the Woods

January 16, 2005 -- At 2:24 AM, Company 7 (St. Leonard, Maryland) was dispatched to the 1500 block of Grays Road for an auto accident with a vehicle into the woods.

Ambulance 79 arrived on location to find one vehicle overturned in the woods with the single occupant out of the vehicle. A medic unit was requested and then added to the call as well as a helicopter started.

Squad 7 arrived on location, stabilized the vehicle, and made a quick sweep to make sure that there were no other occupants in or around the vehicle. The driver was packaged, then flown to PG Trauma priority 1 by Trooper 7.

Squad 7 remained on the scene to aid with lighting and clean-up, clearing at 3:56 AM.