Vista, California Firefighters Rescue Man Trapped Under Minivan

On December 11, 2002, at 1430 hours, the Engine 1212 and Medic 1293 from Vista Fire Department were dispatched to a reported traffic collision, vehicle vs. Pedestrian in the area of Williamston Street (Vista Alarm #7428)

Vista is in Southern California (San Diego County) and has a City and district area made up of 40 square miles of canyons, rural, city and industrial parks. The population is 100,000 people and the fire protection is provided by the City of Vista Fire Department.

The VFD is made up of 70 career firefighters and staff with 4 stations. VFD provides EMS. Fire and heavy rescue service along with fire investigation and fire prevention services.)

The first fire unit on scene reported a male victim trapped under a minivan.

Captain Murphy requested the incident be upgraded to a full rescue response.

Engine 1212 crew assisted by medic 1293 immediately stabilized the vehicle to prevent further movement and accessed the victim.

He was found to be an elderly man who was conscious but has suffered serious head and chest trauma.

The rescue response added Battalion Chief 1203 Jeff Berg along with truck 1271 and rescue 1251.

Captain Murphy immediately placed a Paratech Air Bag System (one medium and one large) in to service and was able to lift the van clear of the victim allowing paramedics to immobilize the victim and remove him from beneath the van on a backboard.

Paramedics quickly stabilized the victim and prepared him for ground transportation as the elderly woman driver who was operating the van looked on.

The victim was transported to Palomar Hospital Trauma unit in very serious condition.