Horry County, South Carolina Rescuers Perform Extrication After MVA

On January 4, 2005, at 9:08 AM, E1, M1 were alerted to a MVA with possible entrapment.

M1 arrived to find a full size van on its side in a ditch suspended six feet from the bottom of the ditch. E1 arrived on scene and set up for extrication and requested medivac helicopter for transport to a level one trauma center.

E4 arrived just after E1. Lt. Howell assumed extrication operations. Lt. McGarrahan supervised vehicle stabilization group. E4 crew assisted with stabilization.

Next, the M1 crew entered the van and provided patient care. M1 found a priority 2 patient with multiple systems trauma severely entrapped. Lt. Crutchfield assumed command of the incident off E4.

E23 arrived to provide a second set of Hurst tools. The E1 crew removed the driver door with spreaders. Then made a relief cut to the rocker panel and cut through the A post. Using a 60 ram, they moved the dash and steering wheel off the patient's legs. The driver's seat, which had collapsed pinning the patient