Landscaping Truck Overturns, Requires Extrication in Maryland

January 6, 2005 -- At 9:34 AM, Company 7 (St. Leonard, Maryland) was dispatched to Route 4 and Saw Mill Road for a single vehicle overturned with all subjects out of the vehicle.

Ambulance 78 arrived on location to find a landscaping delivery truck overturned with one subject trapped. Another squad was requested and a medic unit was added to the call.

The squad crew worked stabilizing the vehicle and started extrication by cutting all the posts on the top portion of the truck. Due to the subjects foot being pinned under the truck, air bags were used to lift the truck off the patient's foot. The roof was then folded down and the patient was taken out through the front window portion of the truck.

The extricated patient was taken to Calvert Memorial Hospital along with the other three subjects in the vehicle.

The squad and engine remained on the scene to aid with clean up before returning to service at 11:26 AM.