Chicago Firefighters Respond To 3-11 Alarm Fire At Former Chicago Sun Times Building

On December 29, 2004 the Chicago fire dept transmitted a 3-11 alarm plus calls for special equipment and extra companies at 405 N Wabash.

This building is the former Chicago Sun Times building, which has been undergoing demolition for several weeks.

A heavy smoke condition and numerous holes and open shafts in the building made for extremely dangerous conditions for members performing searches and fighting the fire.

Hand lines were depolyed from tower buckets at about the fifth floor level to complete extinguishment.

The fireboat responded as this location is on the Chicago River, but did not operate.

Also used for the first time was the new positive pressure fan unit. This is a new rig that was not yet officially in service but was deployed to help clear smoke from the structure after the fire was extinguished.