Prince George's County, Maryland Firefighters Stay Hot in December Cold

Firefighters arrived at an accident with two victims trapped at Brooks and Pennsylvania.

Rescue Squad 27 arrived stabilized the vehicle and extricated two victims by removing the driver door and roof.

The victims feet were trapped due to the floor accordian up around the foor.

With the snow falling, Engine 292 under the direction of Lt D. Schultz and Squad 27 under the direction of Lt. J. Lyon arrived at a vehicle fire down an embankment with the fuel tank ruptured feeding the fire.

Engine 251 arived with a working fire at 9007 O'Riley.

Engine 251 advanced an attack line into the house and started to attack the fire.

Squad 27 under the direction of Lt D. Schultz - who was working overtime at station 27 arrived.

Firefighters started the search and assisted with the attack. Engine 272 arrived under the direction of Fire Chief M. Hendley and assisted with the attack.

Rescue Squad 27 under the direction of Capt M. Trader and discovered a vehicle had been ripped into two pieces.

Capt. M. Trader checked to make sure that there were no victims in the front half of the vehicle before the Squad traveled to the rest of the vehicle.

The other part of the vehicle was over 1000' away. Once they arrived they discovered two victims 1 adult female and 1 child male both priority 1 Trauma's.

Child taken to Children's in Washington D.C. The adult was taken to PG Trauma.