Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Firefighters Battle House Blaze

Willow Street Fire Company, Station 5-12 responded to a dwelling fire at 7 Landis Boulevard in West Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, PA on Saturday, November 30, 2002 around 10:15 a.m.

Duty Officer Fire Lt. Chris Heisler reported heavy smoke showing from a mile out and requested a second alarm. Initial response also included Lampeter Fire Company, Station 5-4 and Truck 6-6 from Lancaster Township Fire Company.

The second alarm included Engines from Lancaster Township, New Danville and Conestoga, a second truck from Lafayette and EMS 6-12 from LEMSA.

A special call was made later from Air 6-6 from Lancaster Township.

The owner was out front hanging Christmas lights when he noticed smoke coming from the garage.

A neighbor called 911 while the owner was able to move a car out of harms way.

The owner wanted to remove a truck from the driveway but electrical wire running to the house came down preventing him from doing so.

Chief David Reece said the fire spread quickly because the garage door was open and there was a good wind.

The fire spread from the back of the garage up through the roof and across the rear of the house.

Damages were estimated at $100,000. The cause was determined to be faulty wiring in the garage.