Prince George's County Maryland Firefighters Work the South Side

Friday morning between 0610 and 0630 PG County was working two large scale fires and a Train derailment on the Southside of PG County.

Communications first received a call Friday morning, November 22nd, for a building on fire. Ambulance 429 arrived with Heavy Fire showing at 737 Maury Ave. Engine 421 laid dual lines to side 1, Engine 321 laid dual lines to side three, Engine 261 laid dual lines to side 3.

Engine 272 picked up Engine 321's dual lines. Engine 321 put their wagon pipe in service immediately and due to the collapse of the side 3 wall was able to knock down the fire on all three floors. Engine 421 put an attack line in service on side 1.

While units were battling the fire on Maury Ave. Communication dispatched the Box for 4743 Homer Ave. at 0630-in 29's area. Lt D. Shultz and Tech K. Ward arriving at station 29 for the shift and arrived with Fire showing on the 1st and 2nd floor.

Engine 81 under the direction of Lt. S Kilpatrick arrived and advanced a stack-tip attack line and knocked the fire.

At approximately 0400 - Engine 292 under the direction of Lt D. Shultz arrived to a two-story house heavy fire. The crew advanced an attack line to side 4 to cover the exposure.

Quint 21 arrived under the direction of Capt. C. Brown and set up for master streams. Squad 27 arrived under the direction of Lt J. Lyon and assisted Lt. D. Sudik and the crew from 26 with advancing a stack tip to side 4.