House Fire Hit in Maryland


Woodlawn, MD - Shortly after 1 a.m. Monday Dec. 28, Baltimore County, MD fire crews responded to Fire Box 33-09 for a dwelling fire at 5227 Pembroke Ave. in Woodlawn.

A Baltimore County 4th Precinct police unit reported heavy smoke in the area, and found the house with heavy smoke showing.

Firefighters found from a two-story house on fire, and asked for a working fire assignment.

Firefighters encountered a basement fire with extension, and stretched several lines in an attempt to knock the fire. While Engine 3's crew stretched a line through the front door, other personnel completed the water supply and ran a second attack line to the basement access on Side Charlie.

As firefighters were making fire attack, conducting searches and performing ventilation, the home's gas main ignited. Command ordered them to evacuate. An exterior attack was utilized to knock the fire before reentering.

- Michael Schwartzberg, Incident & Apparatus Photographer