Stillwater, Oklahoma Firefighters Battle House Fire

At 7:20 AM on Saturday December 4, 2004 apparatus and crews from Stations 1, 2, and 3 of the Stillwater (OK) Fire Department were dispatched to 1415 West Richmond Road. There was a report of flames coming from a furnace in the single family residence.

While enroute, units were advised that the occupant was reporting the fire was spreading into the bedroom and an explosion had been heard.

Pumper 3 was first on scene and reported heavy smoke coming from the structure with fire venting from windows on the east (side 2).

An interior attack was begun with two 1 3/4 inch lines fed from the tank on Pumper 3. Pumper 2 and Pumper 1 soon arrived. Pumper 2 crew laid out two 1 3/4 inch lines, one of which was assigned to the RIT. Pumper 1 crew hand laid a 3 inch supply line to Pumper 3 from a hydrant located just east of the building. A second three inch line was laid from Pumper 3 to feed Pumper 2.

Interior crews found ceilings in the home were constructed of 3/4 inch tongue and grooved boards which made access to the attic from below extremely difficult.

The fire spread rapidly through the building and attic and as the roof began to sag, it was evacuated and a defensive mode established.

It was then discovered the building had been remodeled and a new roof had been installed over the old existing roof creating many concealed spaces. A third attic space existed over an addition to the building on Side 4.

Forced to cut numerous holes to access the concealed areas, firefighters fought the blaze for approximately 90 minutes before bringing it under control. The building was extensively damaged.

Off duty shifts were recalled to man empty stations during the fire.