House Gutted by Fire Despite Tennessee Firefighters Best Efforts

In Tri-Cities, Sullivan County, Tennessee, firefighters responded to a structure fire Wednesday afternoon, December 1, 2004, off of U.S. Highway 11W. The fire happened at 4303 near Cold Springs Road about 1:15 PM. The fire was first dispatched out as a porch fire, when the first Sullivan County Volunteer Fire Department Engine E102 arrived; the house was a 50 percent involved with the entire porch overcome with flame.

The first firefighters on scene rushed to make an interior attack in the back of the house, but the fire overwhelmed crews causing them to regroup and fight the fire with a defensive attack. The first firefighters had to also be on guard, due to the fireworks and discharge of hunting ammunitions exploding as the fire grew. No one was injured form the ordnance or from the fire itself.

Crews from Warriors Path, Blooming Dale, Avoca, Piney Flats, and Bluff City Fire Departments aided in the extinguishing the blaze. It took the aid of two tankers to shuttle water to a supply line, a line stretching 150 feet up a step driveway to the support engine E108.

A few fire crews had to redirect their efforts and free up some support tankers to assist in another structure dispatched out a 3:00 PM. This second structure fire only received minor damage and was not as sever as the first one.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation at this time and authorities should know the cause within a couple of weeks. Despite best efforts made by firefighters to save the structure, only a few rooms were saved. Those rooms unfortunately had a lot of smoke, heat, and water damage. Sullivan County Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank the surrounding departments for aid of manpower and equipment in the extinguishment of the structure.

Crews were officially done at 6:15 PM.