White House Volunteer Fire Dept. Crash

Engine Company 51, from the White House Community Volunteer Fire Dept. responded to a single car MVA on Sunday December 27, 2009. While responding they encountered a vehicle coming into their lane of traffic. Engine 51 was forced to move to the right side of the road. At that time E-51's passenger side back tires went off in the ditch. The tires hit the edge of a driveway and filpped the Responding unit onto the hood. After a brief slide the truck fell on the passenger side slide down the road and took out a telephone pole along with two brick mailboxes.The Four Firefighters on board the Engine were transported to Vanderbilt Trama Center in Nashville. The firefighters are dealing with cracked ribs, cuts, bruises and scrapes. Because another engine isn't working currently, the White House fire department will have to call on neighboring squads if there is a fire.