North Carolina Firefighters Dig Trench in MVA Extrication

On Wednesday, November 17, at 9:11 PM, the Cleveland Fire Department (Johnston County, NC) was dispatched to a single, overturned vehicle accident on Josephine Road. Dispatch was advised that the caller couldn't locate anyone around vehicle.

Utility 2 responded followed by Engine 5. Upon arrival of U-2, Lt. Ellington advised single vehicle confirmed, overturned with two subjects trapped inside. Lt. Ellington requested Truck 1 respond as Engine 5 was arriving.

Lt. Ellington established command and assigned Capt. Deyo extrication officer. Capt. Deyo devised a plan to extricate the subjects which included digging a trench along the passenger side of the vehicle to assist in gaining access to the door so it could be removed.

Once Truck 1 arrived, the light tower was set-up. Car 1 arrived and command was transferred to him.

Utility 2 had already set-up its combo-tool and pump to remove the door and airbags and other hydraulic tools were staged off Truck 1 to complete the operation. Once the door was removed, the subjects were stabilized and packaged for removal on back boards.

It took approximately 20 minutes to extricate both subjects.

Clayton Area Rescue was on scene to provide patient care and transport. Cleveland had 10 personnel and Clayton EMS had 5 personnel on scene. Utility 2, Engine 5, Truck 1 and Car 1 (Chief) from Cleveland responded as well as Clayton EMS 41 and EMS 42 from Clayton Area Rescue.

Note: This was the first response for Truck 1 which was placed in service earlier that day.

The Cleveland Fire Department is a combination fire department with two paid personnel on duty Monday through Friday 7 AM to 5 PM and 28 volunteers, based out of one station with five apparatus.

Utility 2 (Brush/Mini-Pumper)

Truck 1 (Rescue w/Pump)

Engine 3, Engine 4 and Engine 5 (1250 pump/1000gal tank)