Franklin Park, Illinois Firefighters Find Burning Trash Compactor Inside Warehouse

On Monday, November 22, at 12:45 p.m. the Franklin Park, Illinois Fire Department (a suburb of Chicago) responded to a telephone alarm reporting a fire in the Hunter Panel building located at 9201 Belmont Ave.

The first due, Engine 3, was delayed by a freight train crossing at a local railroad crossing. The second due, Engine 2 and first arriving ladder T2 arrived with a moderate smoke condition in this 1000 X 2000 foot manufacturing and warehouse complex.

A garbage compactor located in a loading dock at the SW corner of the building was on fire. The compactor measured 10 X 18 feet full of foam insulation panels of various sizes.

A line was stretched by Engine 2 and Truck 2 laddered the building to check the roof for vertical ventilation. Third due Engine 1 also dropped a line.

Realizing that this getting to the seat of the fire was going to be difficult the incident commander called for a tow truck to pull the compactor apart. The container was pulled outside to extinguish the fire and overhaul its contents.

Originally, firefighters were going to go inside the container to overhaul the contents, but the incident commander then asked the driver to lift the container up and empty the contents for the firefighters. That was easily accomplished.

Then incident commander called for a front end loader to spread the entire contents for much easier extinguishment.

Total time on scene just over one hour using two engines for water due to the fact there were no hydrants in the area making for a long lead out.

No injuries were reported.