Gloucester Township Firefighters Save New Jersey Apartment Complex

A fast moving fire on November 11, 2004 swept through the Lake View Apartments in the Chews Landing section of Gloucester Township, Camden County, New Jersey.

First in companies found heavy fire showing from a 2 story end of a row apartment, unit 228. Chews Landing Fire Chief Joe Reichert was first in and radioed for a second alarm.

Three 1 3/4 lines were placed in service as Blackwood Fire Company Ladder 844 worked their way up a small tree lined street. They were able to place their Tower Ladder in service between many large trees in the front of the blazing apartment.

Chews Landing's Ladder 824 went in service in the rear as flames were coming out of the second story windows.

Three more 1 3/4 lines were working the rear and firefighters opened the roof of the exposure building and pulled ceiling in the adjoining apartment.

It was quickly brought under control in 30 minutes.


The Camden County, New Jersey Fire Marshal Office's investigation report shows that the fire started from an apartment occupant who returned home and parked their car on a large pile of leaves. The leaves caught fire, and became the kindling that ignited the car, spread to leaves on the lawn/the front of the apartment building.