Flames Quelled in N.J.

At approximately 11:30 pm, Oct. 17, the Wood-Ridge (NJ) Fire Department was dispatched for a working house fire at 484 Center St. The chief confirmed that he had heavy fire on the first-floor, and issued an immediate second- alarm.

The fire was rapidly advancing, blowing out the rear window on the first-floor. Crews started pouring water on the blaze, knocking the visible fire but it had already traveled the walls into the cockloft area.

As personnel ventilated the roof, heavy fire erupted through the vent holes and ultimately burned away the roof.

Crews with an aerial stream and several hand lines pounded away for more than two hours to eventually bring the blaze under control.

The two-story wood-frame structure was reported to be vacant at the time, and was undergoing renovations.

An active investigation is underway to determine the actual cause and origin of the fire. There were no injuries.