Baltimore Crew Hurt in Crash

Two Baltimore City Fire Department EMS personnel were injured Wednesday, Oct. 14 when their medic unit was involved in a collision downtown.

BCFD Medic 23, using Reserve Medic 64, was responding to a fire box in the 300 block of N. Carrollton Ave in West Baltimore.

It was headed westbound on Lexington Avenue shortly before 11 p.m. when it was involved in a collision with a Volvo passenger car at the St. Paul Street intersection.

The medic unit skidded more than 120 feet and turned onto its driver's side, with the crew able to get out through the passenger side door. Several trees on the sidewalk were knocked over and the glass window of a nearby store was cracked.

The medic unit was towed to the city's Biddle Street facility where personnel will evaluate the apparatus.