Heat, Smoke Found in Oregon House

Clackamas Fire crews responded to a house fire at 11209 SE Wood Ave., in Milwaukie at 1:14 p.m,, Thursday, October 8.

Crews found smoke coming from the upper level window. Residents were outside and safe. Firefighters entered the home to search for the fire as a truck company crew prepared to ventilate the home by cutting a hole in the roof.

The interior crew never saw flames but described intense heat. It appears the fire ran out of enough oxygen to sustain itself. The truck company was given the word to cut the hole so the interior crew could be relieved of the intense heat and smoke inside.

Firefighters were unable to find the source of the fire, but there was still an enormous amount of damage done by the smoke and heat. Crews remained on scene to overhaul and search for hot spots. Fire investigators were on scene. There were no injuries.

It's unknown at this time what alerted the residents that there was a fire in their home, or what the cause is.

They did do the right thing by getting out of the home quickly and staying out.