Camden New Jersey Firefighters Experience Flashover

A working fire capped October 22, 2004, as the Camden Fire Department had just finished giving awards to almost 40 members for their heroic service in the past year.

Chief of the Department Joseph Marini along with Deputy Chief Kevin Hailey and Deputy Chief Thomas Quinn presented Medals and Unit Citations.

Shortly after noon, firefighters were dispatched to the 700 block of York Street in the North Camden section of the city for a report of a dwelling fire.

As the companies were leaving the station they reported to Fire Radio that they had a large column of smoke in the sky.

Battalion Chief 2 David Yates arrived and reported to Fire Radio that he had two 2-story brick buildings with one heavily involved. All companies would be going 'In Service' and that he would be using 'All Hands'.

Battalion Chief 1 Mark Kogut was dispatched as a Safety Officer. Three 1 3/4 inch lines were now being placed into service and ladder companies were prepared to ventilate.

Members of Rescue 1 were gaining access to the second floor to search for possible occupants. As they reached the second floor landing they encountered a huge flashover, which roared down the hallway, blowing out the rear windows of the back bedroom.

Fortunately no firefighters were injured in the flashover.

Captain David Dilks of Rescue 1 radioed to Chief Yates that they had encountered a flashover and that all his men were accounted for and backing out.

Chief Yates placed a special call for an additional engine and truck company.

Two more lines were placed into service as members knocked down the fire on the first floor. Firefighters were able to gain entrance to the second floor to knock down all visible fire.

Some 30 minutes later the fire was placed under control.

Two firefighters were treated for minor injuries and did not require hospital treatment.