Two Alarm Fire in Rochester, NY

One firefighter suffered minor injuries during a two-alarm fire at an apartment building in Rochester, NY on Sunday.

Just after 1:30 a.m. Quint 7 and Midi 7, Engines 16 and 17, Rescue 11 and Battalion 1 were dispatched to a building fire on Fourth Street. Moments later, the Deputy Chief and Protectives were alerted and Quint 9 and Midi 9 were sent as the Rapid Interventtion Team.

Quint 7 went on scene with heavy fire showing from the B-side of the occupied 2 1/2 -story structure and initiated an interior attack. Battalion 1 requested an additional company and Quint and Midi 4 were dispatched.

Several handlines were deployed and crews started ventilating the roof of the structure and searching for life. A second alarm was called, Engine 12 and Quint 6 and Midi 6 were assigned.

Officials deemed the fire suspicious and say a fire was intentionally set in the same building last year.