Elderly Couple Rescued in Georgia

FORT OGLETHORPE, Ga. - On Sunday, Sept. 20, at 6:30 p.m, Fort Oglethorpe Firefighters were called to the area of Paige Road near the Tennessee State line to assist with heavy flooding in the area and several civilians suck in vehicles and houses.

Within minutes, rescuers were in the area and quickly realized how bad the situation was rapidly becoming. Heavy rain storms were causing the creeks to rise at an extreme rate, causing cars and houses to flood in the matter of seconds.

Firefighters first rescued a stranded driver who was instantly caught in in the rapidly rising water. The man was just driving down the road when in an instant flash flooding enveloped his mini van.

As crews rescued him, they realized the rushing flood waters were quickly overtaking a home. On the front porch of that home was an elderly gentleman waving to rescuers for help.

Rescuers quickly deployed a rescue boat from there rescue truck and started to fight the heavy current to make their way to the house. After a short time, the crew was finally at the front porch using all their strength to keep the small rescue boat in place as they rescued the elderly couple.

One of the firefighters made his way inside the house and moments later emrged carrying the elderly woman. The firefighter quickly moved her to the boat.

Once she was in the boat, the firefighter went back for the elderly man. Once they were both in the boat, the rescue crew had the task of getting back to safe ground.

Unfortunately, the job was not over. Several additional calls for help at churches, apartment complexes and homes were coming in. Crews had to quickly regroup and move to the next call.