Montgomery, New York Firefighters make Special Fire Prevention Demonstration

Tuesday, October 12, 2004 is a day which most students at the Montgomery Elementary School will remember for a long time.

Montgomery Firefighters led by Chief Jim Ferguson put a little surprise into their Fire Safety presentation.

As the Fire Alarm rang a smoke machine was filling a second floor classroom and as planned Assistant Principal Hope Stuart stood by the window as Montgomery Firefighters responded to the School to investigate the alarm.

Upon his arrival Chief Ferguson advised Ladder-221 that he had a Fire on the second Floor with 1 person trapped. Ladder-221 arrived and placed the aerial to the window and firefighters led Assistant Principal Stuart to safety as the students cheered.

Upon completion of the excersise Montgomery Firefighters presented students with prize money for the annual Fire Prevention Poster Contest. The Grand Prize winner was fourth grader Sarah Newmann.

Firefighters then stood by as students looked over the fire trucks and asked lots of good questions. A great time was had by all and Chief Ferguson was pleased with the feedback from the students.