Mississippi Firefighters Respond to Blaze

 On Aug. 20, the Farmington Fire Department of Alcorn County, Miss. was dispatched to a house fire on Alcorn County Road 162.

The first unit on scene reported a two-story structure with flames visible at 11:47 a.m. Farmington used E-24, which was supplied by a hydrate in the front yard of the structure. Firefighters Ronnie Taylor, Jody Lambert and Assistant Chief Bradley Lambert entered the house making their way up the stairs, some embers fell down their turnouts giving them some minor burns on the back.

They knocked down fire in the first few rooms up stairs using an attack line filled with Class A Foam. They then went outside to hydrate and Chief David Boren sent his second crew into the structure. Firefighters Ryan Smith, Bill Glenn and Jeremy Childers kept the fire down.

Due to the hot weather the firefighters rotated in crews of three to keep the fire out. The fire was all contained to the second story of the home. The second story of the house was a complete loss.

The firefighters were able to get most of the belongings, from the first floor, out of the structure. The fire department was at the scene of the fire for about four hours. Farmington Fire Department used two engines supplied by the fire hydrant and 20 gallons of Class A Foam. They had 14 firefighters on the scene.