Camden, New Jersey Firefighter Spots Dwelling Fire

Quick action by an off duty Camden New Jersey firefighter and fast action by the first due companies prevented a bad fire from spreading to adjoining row of homes.

An off duty firefighter spotted smoke and flames coming from a two story occupied brick dwelling and called the alarm in.

Dispatched were Engine Companies 7, 8 and 10, Ladder 2, Rescue 1 and Battalion 1, Dan Rossi. As the companies were leaving the stations all reported to fire radio that they could see a column in the sky.

As Battalion Rossi arrived he reported that he had heavy fire on the second floor with flames jumping a 5 foot alley and spreading to another two story brick dwelling and he was going to be using all hands.

Companies made forced entry to both dwellings and stretched 1 3/4 inch water lines to the second floor as members of Rescue 1 were making a search for possible victims which turned up negative.

Ladder 2's members laddered the dwellings and within 10 minutes Chief Rossi was able to place the fire 'under control.'

Companies stayed on the scene overhauling and the fire in under investigation by the Camden City Fire Marshal's Office.