Firefighters Extricate Driver, Passenger From Vehicle in Bayville, New Jersey MVA

At 9:30 AM, on September 28, 2004, Bayville EMS was dispatched to a car vs. pole located on Western and Northern Aves. When responding, the squad learned that there was a heavy truck involved, and that this was a heavy pin job. Bayville Fire Department and Pinewald Pioneer Fire Department was dispatched for the rescue.

Upon arrival, all agencies involved realized that they had one challenge on hand, a challenge one cannot train for. The passenger of the vehicle was able to be removed in a matter of minutes. The driver was heavily trapped.

Complicating the rescue was the desiel fuel tank laying on the drivers side of the car. The tank was ruptered and spewing fuel all over the scene. Every extrication tool was placed into service as three fire companies did a paritial roof removal, dash roll, removal of the steering wheel, removal of the gear shifter, and having to go into the dash itself to remove the drivers legs. It took about 90 minutes to complete.

Fire companies that performed the rescue were: Bayville FD, Pinewald Pioneer FD, and Manitou Park FD that came to assist. EMS on scene was: Bayville EMS, Beachwood EMS, and Ocean Gate EMS to provide BLS and MONOC Medics to provide ALS support. Berkeley Police Department as well as the Ocean County Fast Team came to do the invest.

Both women survived the crash and are listed in critical condition.