Fire and HazMat Crews Respond to Large Warehouse Fire in Dayton, Ohio

At 2:08 PM, on Tuesday, October 5, 2004, the Dayton Fire Department was dispatched to 15 Heid Avenue on the report of an acetylene cylinder leaking. While Engine 12 and Ladder 8 were responding to the initial dispatch, members of the Community Service Division were in the area and reported to dispatch that this was a working fire. The alarm was upgraded to a working fire and Haz-Mat assignment. The Haz-Mat assignment was assigned since the building was located in the Wellfield Protection District.

Ladder 8 was first on scene, and reported heavy fire and smoke showing. Ladder 8 was then meet with several small explosions. The occupants of the building reported they had acetylene cylinders as well propane tanks in the structure. Ladder 8 relayed the information to the in coming crews and repositioned the apparatus for a defensive operation.

Engine 12 arrived and established it's own supply line. Engine 12 then laid a Blitz gun on the exposure and set a supply for Ladder 8's elevated master stream.

Ladder 15 and Engine 14 were assigned to set up an elevated master stream in the rear to protect several small cylinders of propane and a large propane cylinder.

Engine 12 entered the exposure structure and found fire had extended into the structure. Engine 12 quickly knocked down the fire and kept further extension into the exposure.

Throughout the fire, several small explosions were heard.

The fire was knocked down within 20 minutes. The dollar loss is estimated to be $600,000. The cause of the fire as been determined to have started by a spark from a grinder that ignited a leaking acetylene cylinder.

No evacuations were issued. There were no injuries reported.

Total Alarm Assignment:

  • Engines 2, 9, 11, 12, 14 & 18
  • Ladders 8, 13 & 15
  • Haz-Mat 1, 2, Foam Truck 1 and Haz-Mat Coordinator
  • Chiefs: East 2 (I.C.), West 2 ,Training Center Chief, Chief 1 and Chief 2
  • North Senior Medic and Medic 16
  • Air Truck 1