Clothing Warehouse Burns in Texas

A large metal warehouse full of clothing burned to the ground on Monday, June 29, in Katy, Texas, just northwest of Houston. As the Katy Fire Department rolled to the scene, a black column of smoke was already visible for miles.

Three workers inside the building made it out safely after trying to put out the fire with extinguishers. Neighboring businesses were also evacuated.

West I-10 FD command ordered a defensive fire attack and requested mutual-aid Katy FD and Westlake Fire Departments. Temperatures up to 103 degrees and low water pressure made this fire a hard one to fight.

The City of Katy increased water pressure per request of the fire department, and special hazmat teams were called in from Houston. Bulldozers were used to assist in opening walls for the fire attack.

After five hours, the fire was finally brought under control. The cause is under investigation by the Harris County Fire Marshal.