New York Rescuers Respond to Fatal MVA

Island Park, NY -- At 6:50 AM, September 9, 2004, the Island Park Fire Department alarm phone rang. The call was a request for the hurst tool to a reported car into a pole.

Chief Michael Gagliardi arrived shortly after to find a 4-door Ford Focus in an apparent high speed impact with a telephone pole at the intersection of Austin Blvd/Louisanna Ave. This was a single car MVA, however the occupant of the vehicle was still inside.

With no estimated time of arrival from the power authority, the fire department had to go above and beyond the call of duty to rescue this person. The extrication process took 20 minutes.

The car was supporting the telephone pole as well as the wires above. To avoid further injury, the members had to chock the car as best as they can to stabilize it then remove the passenger side doors. The NCPD emergency service unit came in and lifted the dash board while the Fire Department removed the doors.

Unfortunatly, the 51 year old victim was pronounced dead in South Nassau Communities Hospital.