West Virgina Fire Attack Hampered By Water Supply Problems

This fire happened in the Village of Bethlehem, just outside of the City of Wheeling in West Virginia. Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Department responded along with Mozart VFD to a fully involved house.

The house was up a significantly large hill and Mozart's pumper laid supply hose up the hill. Bethlehem firefighters took an exterior attack and used the booster tank water on the pumper to start to knock down the fire. When the firefighters at the bottom of the hill took the first due hydrant they found out it was dead. Wheeling Fire Department's Fire Chief, Steve Johnston, came to the scene and ordered several WFD companies to come give mutual aid by supplying water to the other VFDs. They laid hose up 29th Street hill to the awaiting volunteer company and then they relayed the water up the hill to the pumper on the fire scene. Other Ohio County VFDs were toned out and sent.

By the time water was supplied the house suffered significant damage and was a total loss.