Auto Dealership Burns in New York

At 12:54 a.m, on Tuesday, June 23, Mohegan firefighters were dispatched to a structure fire in a commercial auto dealership located on Rt. 202 in Yorktown.

Due to the numerous calls, the first alarm assignment was transmitted prior to arrival of units. Yorktown police officers and first responding crews on Engine 258 reported the building fully.

A third-alarm assignment was struck, bringing total equipment on scene to Engine 254, Engine 255, Engine 257, Engine 258, Ladder 10, Ladder 35, 69B1, and 69B2.

Mutual aid also requested to the scene included Yorktown Engine 270 and Ladder 51, Peekskill Engine 131 and Tower Ladder 45, Mahopac Falls Rescue 19-6-1, Bedford Hills Tower Ladder 57/FAS-Team, Somers FD Engine 185, Batallion 17, Yorktown 34Medic1, Cortlandt VAC Rehab Unit 8805, and County Car 2.

The building was a 80' x 200' commercial structure that was unoccupied. Master streams were set up from Ladder 35 in front, while Ladder 10 was set up in front of the adjoining building to the right. Engine 257 and Peekskill Tower Ladder 45 set up its master streams in the parking lot of the neighboring McDonalds restaurant to the left.

Engine 255 and Yorktown Ladder 51 set up its master streams from Old Crompond Road which is the the rear of the building. Numerous handlines were also stretched and put into operation from various apparatus on scene.

Due to the heavy involvement of fire, the building quickly collapsed. The rest had to be torn down by a contractor later in the operation. Four fire hydrants had to be used to supply all the units with adequate water.

Approximately 4,000 feet of five-inch supply hose was used in this process. Rt 202 and Old Crompond Road were both shut down during the extinguishment and until all the hose could be packed back onto the trucks.