New Jersey Crews Tackle Gas Station Blaze

Heavy fire conditions were noted from division A and the A/B quadrant of the building, and operations were deemed to be defensive. Initial orders were given to Quint 3614 and Squad 2723 to have their crews establish water supply and master stream operation on the Route 38 (Division A) side of the building.

Engine 3412 personnel were ordered to lay a five inch line from the hydrant opposite the building into the A/B quadrant. Engine 1311 crew laid a five-inch line from Servers Garage, and Tender/Engine 1314 was told to take that hydrant.

As crews were executing initial orders, Chief 1900 was assigned operations, Chief 3604 was assigned safety and Chief 4300 was assigned hazmat. Engine 5012 was assigned staging and manpower. Assistant 5002 was assigned mobile communications of CP13.

Operations advised of runoff to storm drains and county health was requested to respond for hazmat and notification was also made to NJSP as eastbound Route 38 was shut down.

The IC was also advised that the fire had extended to all four fuel pump islands and overhang, and the building was structurally suspect. A second-alarm was ordered as a precaution given the weather, 75 and sunny, the extent of fire progression and undetermined status of below ground storage tanks..

Two elevated master streams, one ground Bliz-fire monitor and three two and one half hand lines were deployed to suppress the fire. All visible fire was extinguished at which time construction official Brad Regn ordered the demolition of the building due to structural instability. Units were released systematically and command was transferred to Chief 1301 at approximately 5 p.m.