Tractor Trailer Overturns in North Anson, Maine

On September 1, 2004 on Route 201A in North Anson, ME approximatly 3 miles south of the Solon Bridge at 4:30pm a call was dispatched for a tanker truck roll-over with unknown injury. State Police was reported to be at the scene with a tanker with an unkown chemical on its side in the ditch with power and utility lines down. While enroute the county dispatcher advised that the cargo was a liquid clay slurry that was not a hazardous material.

The driver of the tanker was driving to Quebec when he was forced off the road by an oncoming unidentified truck. When he tried to correct the load shifted putting the tanker on its side, where it slid approximatly 300 feet. The truck brought down 2 utility poles and shut down the road for 11 hours.

A company tanker was brought in from to Quebec to remove the clay slurry and a towing company righted the totaled truck and trailer and towed it away.

The incident lasted 11 hours and personnel and equipment from the Anson Fire Department stood by on scene until the truck was removed at 2:30 am. Anson-Madison-Starks Ambulance was dispatched but did not tranport the uninjured driver of the vehicle. Multiple untility companies were on scene for several hours.