California Crews Battle Santa Barbara Wildfire

Firefighters worked to protect a large two story residential structure. In the residence, a family with an infant was sheltered in place due to the intensity of the fire, as well as downed power lines blocking their egress from the canyon.

Engine 101 was originally positioned further in the canyon but retreated to this location due to a lack of water supply and safety zones for the apparatus and crew.

Engine 101 was part of Mutual Aid Strike Team 1205A that included engines from Monrovia, Arcadia, South Pasadena, Alhambra, Monterey Park and a Strike Team Leader from Pasadena. The strike team was assigned to Mission Structure Protection Group for a 24-hour operational period on Wednesday, May 6.

The column of smoke in the background was up canyon and where we had just retreated from. The shots of the firefighters were taken approximately fire minutes later as handlines were being put into service. This depicted the rapidly changing conditions of the wildfire.