Kentucky Firefighters Battle Garage Fire

On Sunday May 11, just minutes before 1 a.m., the Newport Fire Department was dispatched for garage fire in an alley behind 305 W. Tenth St.

The officer found a large amount of fire from a two-story garage, and that four other adjacent structures were involved. There also was involvement of the C side of 305 W. Tenth St. (a two-story frame house), the B & C side of 301 W. Tenth St. (a three-story brick multi-family), the B-side of 936 Isabella St. (a two-story brick house) and the B-C & D sides of a cottage behind 301 W. Tenth St. (small two-story frame house).

Bystanders on the scene were reporting people trapped on the third 301 W. Tenth and in the cottage. The primary search of the buildings found no one in the residence.

Mutual aid companies were immediately called. Covington Pumper 1, Rescue 1, and Car 9, and Bellevue Engine 201 were requested to scene. Southgate Engine 1301 was requested to respond to our headquarters for standby.

Due to manpower issues and the immediate life threat, the first in engine crew initially attacked the fire with a 1 3/4" hose line. A 200' 2 1/2 attack line was also deployed to knock most of the garage fire.

Engine 903 crew laid 600' of 5" supply hose. All personnel were ordered out of 937 Isabella Street due to a rapid change in conditions inside. The fire was attacked using the 2 1/2" line from an exterior attack. The fire was quickly knocked.

Two additional 1 3/4 " hose lines were used for fire attack. Overhaul and salvage operations were completed.