Georgia Crews Respond to Garage Blaze

On March 24 at approximately 6:30 p.m., Savannah Metro dispatch alerted Southside Fire & 7th District Volunteers along with mutual aid from Garden City for a reported garage fire at 150 Moose Ave behind the Savannah Motor Lodge.

Firefighters were busy preparing for a structural drill at station 12 and were able to respond very quickly.

Frefighter Tim Allen (705) repprted heavy black smoke showing. The fire had extended into a nearby pickup.

Command was established and an county-wide manpower page was toned out. The crew of Engine 10 pulled a 1"3/4 handline and crews started an aggressive protection barrier between the blaze and a single-wide mobile home and large box truck.

Crews quickly pulled two additional hose lines and joined fire extinguishing efforts. During the incident, additional manpower requests were paged due to the heavy fire conditions.

Southside tenders 3 & 10 supplied the first in engines. Garden City Fire along with GCFD Fire Chief J. Crosby assisted Southside with fire operations.

During the fire, firefighters had to overcome the large amounts of newspapers and magazines that were stored in the building. Crews attacked the fire from all directions since the fire was into the pine trees and several propane tanks were venting.

Command requested Georgia Forestry since the fire advanced into the woods. Once the fire was knocked, crews went into overhaul operations pulling the charred newspapers apart. Southside auxiliary set up rehab for the firefighters on scene. Due to the aggressive measures taken by the first firefighters on the scene, the nearby trailer did receive some cosmetic damage, but the structure was saved from any serious damage.

No injuries were reported in connection with the fire. The actual cause of the blaze is still under investigation by fire officials.