Massachusetts Firefighters Battle Four-Alarmer

Worcester, Mass. firefighters battled a stubborn four-alarm fire in a five-story occupied multiple dwelling on Thursday, March 5.

The alarm was sounded just after 2 p.m. Crews made rescues of occupants from the top floor.

The initial attack made some progress, but due to rapid hidden fire spread and fire breaking out in multiple locations, crews were removed to the front and aerial master streams were initiated.

A Baptist Church next to the structure of origin began showing smoke from near the top of its steeple. While smoke continued to build from the steeple, it did not develop into a fire situation, and additional alarm crews controlled the extension.

The fire continued for hours and well into the night. Crews remained on the scene for the entire evening to control flare-ups. Notification was made that the building would be demolished due to structural instability.

Five firefighters sustained minor injuries, while no severe civilian injuries occurred.