Jacksonville Firefighters Get Creative at Junkyard Fire

An out of control fire at a Jacksonville junk yard required an unusual, yet effective extinguishment. On Feb. 18, units from the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department responded to the Ina Street Auto Junkyard for a fire. Crews reported heavy fire showing from multiple piles of vehicles.

An aggressive fire attack was attempted on the piles of automobiles and SUVs, but firefighters were forced back due to the amount of fire and lack of water supply deep in to the complex.

As the junkyard continued to burn, firefighters from Station 18 and Station 7 came up with an idea that would not only maximize the use of water on scene, but grab quick control of the fire.

Heavy equipment operators were quickly placed into action, digging a large hole. Firefighters proceeded to fill the hole with water, creating a small reservoir.

Firefighters then directed the heavy equipment operators to begin removing the fully involved autos from the pile and, one by one, place them in the makeshift pond.

As the steaming cars were removed from the makeshift reservoir, they were placed off to the side. Within a short time, the fire was extinguished and an investigator was called in to determine a cause.

No firefighters were injured during the event.