New York Crews Tackle Vacant Warehouse Fire

A vacant warehouse was the scene of a fire on Tuesday night as frigid temperatures blanketed Syracuse. The initial alarm was at 12:06 a.m., and police on the scene confirmed a fire on the second floor.

The heavy timber constructed building at 101 Richmond Ave. was once a casket company that has since gone out of business. Fortunately, the structure was empty other than a few walls that once were offices.

The first alarm brought Engines 5, 6, and 3, Trucks 3 and 1, the rescue company and District Chief Don Johnson. Deputy Chief Bob Bratt assumed command.

Many windows were boarded up and the grade level doors were heavily secured. As the rescue company used power saws to force entry, an initial outside blitz attack was utilized with 1 Tower ladder, and an engine's 55-foot boom. Ground ladders were thrown to the fire window.

Once the outside streams had the bulk of the fire knocked, crews moved in using interior stairs and over the edge by ladders. Extensive overhaul was required as the ceiling was lathe and plaster secured with heavy re-rod type material. Power saws were used to cut the flooring on the third floor to more rapidly wet down the joists below that were heavily charred.

Due to the labor needed and the 10-degree below zero temperatures, the equivalent of a second alarm brought Engines 9 and 8 and Truck 2. Deputy Chiefs Linnertz, Daly and Cavuto also responded.

Although the fire was under control in less than an hour, units remained on scene through the night conducting overhaul. Eventually Engine 7 and Truck 5 were special called to relieve the members operating.

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