Syracuse Firefighters Make Quick Work of Fire

Syracuse firefighters made quick work of an apartment fire the morning of Dec. 13.

A couch on an open second floor porch was the point of origin. A window failed which alerted the second floor occupants. They tried to throw the flaming couch off the porch, but instead got it jammed against the ceiling of the porch. A steady southerly wind fanned the flames.

The porch fire then spread into the apartment and attic. While the structure appeared to be a two family, the owner had altered the interior and divided both floors into front and rear flats, creating hallways that were dead-ended by false partition walls.

Engine 2, 6, 9, Trucks 2 , 3, the Rescue Company and Car 2 were dispatched at 10:04. The confirmed "signal 99" brought Car 4 as the inside district chief and Deputy Chief Jeff Daly as the I.C.

One firefighter reported burns to his wrist. No other injuries were reported.

Units Responding