Maryland Firefighters Handle Head-On Collision

On Friday, Feb. 8 at 9:38 p.m. Wicomico County Central alerted Station 6 (Parsonsburg) and Station 7 (Pittsville) for a motor vehicle accident with rescue on Walston Switch Road in the area of Hedley Court. Maryland State Police on the scene confirmed both the location and the entrapment.

Paramedic A.6 and Rescue Engine 604 arrived and began assessing the scene. Paramedic A.6 immediately requested a medevac due to what appeared to be a prolonged extrication.

Assistant Chief E. Tyler established "Command" as the crew of the Rescue Engine went to work stabilizing the minivan and starting the roof removal. Assistant Chief Tyler advised responding Rescue 7 to position behind Rescue Engine 604 and to gather tools required for a "dash roll". To make easier access to the patient for the removal process, the crews used a sawzall to cut a "second door" behind the driver's seat.

After approximately 30 minutes, the patient was extricated and moved to an ambulance. After a more thorough assessment by EMS personnel and Trooper 4's medic, it was decided that Paramedic A.6 would transport the Priority 1 patient to Peninsula Regional Medical Center. Medic B.6 treated and transported one patient from the other vehicle. Engine 605, with Deputy Chief Rickards, was assigned the landing zone for Trooper 4 at the intersection of Walston Switch Road and Shavox Road. Chief S. White and Captain L. Tyler worked together to direct the "Rescue Operation". Units remained on location until 1:16 a.m. the following morning to assist the Maryland State Police with lighting and to clean up the vehicle fluids. Video Network

2-8-08 Accident w/Rescue, Parsonsburg, Md.

Units Responding

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