Flashover During Pennsylvania Blaze

In Shippensburg, PA, Crews from Engine Companies 15, 52, 53, and 7 were alerted for the house fire in Southhampton Township, Franklin County.

Upon arrival, Chief 2-52, T.J. Silverstrim advised headquarters that there was fire showing from sides A and B of a one and a half story single family dwelling. First Engine in, 15-1, dropped a line at a hydrant a few hundred feet before the house. Engine 15-1's crew stretched the inch and three quarter line to the front door. The crew from Squad 15 forced the door for the engine crew. Shortly thereafter, a flashover occurred. Thankfully no one was inside the building at the time of the flash over.

The Engine crew advanced the line and made an aggressive interior attack, and made a quick knock on the fire. Unfortunately, the nozzleman and his backup man fell through the compromised floor on side B. However, neither of them were injured. They landed on a table in the basement and escaped without injury.

The box was quickly scaled back to Engine 15-1, 252 Squad 15 and Truck 53. One other fire fighter was transported to Chambersburg Hospital for an eye injury. He returned to volunteering later that day.

The cause of the fire was believed to be electrical. The house was a rental home that was vacant at the time. The crew on Engine 15-1 and Squad 15 were all members of the Vigilant Hose Company 52 because Engine Company 15 was out of service to a fall ball.

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