New Jersey Firefighters Battle 2-Alarmer

Shortly after 1 p.m. on Dec. 13, a police car on patrol spotted heavy smoke coming from a row of vacant dwellings in the 600 block of Bailey Street in the North Camden section of the Camden, N.J.

At the same time Camden Country Fire Radio and Camden Police 9-1-1 Center were receiving calls for the same fire location.

Companies were now dispatched along with Battalion Chief 2 Mike DiPascale. Fire Radio informed Battalion 2 that they were receiving numerous calls and were adding the extra Engine Company to the Box. Engine Co. 6, under the Command of Captain Sandrock was first on location and reported that he had a row of two story vacant dwellings with the first two dwellings heavily involved and that he was going in service.

Battalion 2 was now on location and informed Fire Radio to strike an All Hands Box and requested an additional Engine and Ladder Company to be dispatched. It was a rainy, misty day and the smoke was so heavy that fire fighters had a hard time trying to see up the street to where the fire was located.

All of the dwellings were heavily boarded up, making it extremely hard for the fire fighters to make entry. Truck Companies went to the roof to ventilate. Six 1 3/4 lines were now in service as fire fighters were making good progress attacking the fire.

They were able to contain the blaze to two dwellings with some damage to the third dwelling. About 40 minutes into the fire Chief DiPascale placed the fire Under Control.

The fire is being investigated by the Camden City Fire Marshal's Office and the Camden Police Department Arson Squad.