Iowa Crews Respond to Transformer Fire

The Pleasant Hill Fire Department recently responded to a large transformer fire at a Power Company substation.

Upon arrival, a second alarm was requested by the incident commander which brought units form Altoona, Carlisle and Runnels to aid with supplying water. Firefighters were told the transformer contained 14,000 gallons of mineral oil that is circulated through two large radiators on each side of the unit.

After conferring with representatives from the Power Company, the DNR and Polk County Emergency Management an attempt to bring the fire under control would be made.

An attack with an aerial stream and two lines from the ground with foam and water had little effect. So for safety concerns from flying shards of glass from exploding insulators the transformer was allowed to burn itself out.

All units cleared from the scene with the exception of Carlisle which remained till the unit burnt itself out the following morning.